1. That I will never be able to support a family
  2. That when I die it will happen so quickly that I won't know I'm about to die
  3. That I will be sidelined by my own fears and accomplish a fraction of what I'm capable of as a result
  4. That I will never find someone I want to "do the life thing" with who also wants to "do the life thing" with me
  5. That I will find the right person and I'll be their right person too and then they'll die
  6. That I will marry someone just to get married and then find out they're wrong for me
  7. That my future self will wish I realized certain things right now the way I wish past me realized certain things back then
  8. That I will waste time chasing what I think I want only to find out I was wrong about it
  9. That I will think so much about life and time and what I'm afraid of that the whole thing will pass me by
  10. Rabid dogs