Not that I'm anywhere close, but these guys are the kind of cool I want to be. If I had to identify a unifying characteristic, it's that most of these guys don't seem like they GIVE A FUCK.
  1. Sterling Hayden
    One of the great actors of the 50s and 60s and he had arguably the most gravitas of anyone. Later in life, he became disenchanted with the film industry and so he dropped out of society and took all his kids on a boat around the world. The boat was called WANDERER.
  2. James Murphy
    I think LCD Soundsystem will end up being a small part of what we remember James Murphy for, akin to Eno's tenure with Roxy Music. He just makes me want to wear all white and drink espresso all the time.
  3. Anthony Bourdain
    His Instagram bio says he's an "enthusiast" and I think that's a lot of what's compelling about him. It's super exhilarating to watch someone who enjoys being alive so much.
  4. John Cassavetes
    Cassavetes' openness and sense of emotional adventurousness is hugely inspiring to me. Plus he was part of what seemed to be one of the all time great work/life collaborations with his wife Gena Rowlands.
  5. David Foster Wallace
    There are few people as smart or as attuned to the nuances of the human experience as him. It breaks my heart that he didn't stick around.
  6. Tony Gilroy
    So smart and endearingly smug yet somehow unpretentious. He feels like the Bourdain of the film world to me.
  7. Adam Driver
    I think we've only seen the beginnings of what he can do. When I watch him it feels like watching Panic in Needle Park or something back in the day, or seeing Nicholson when he was a kid. He is just so singular and special and unmistakably HIMSELF.
  8. Henry Miller
    A sort of less obvious Hemingway alternative and one of literature's great perverts. Read STAND STILL LIKE THE HUMMINGBIRD and tell me you don't feel ALIVE.
  9. Louis CK
    The work Louis is doing is, I think, unrivaled. He is honest about himself in a way that is so deeply poignant and endlessly hilarious and he at least SEEMS like he kind of has this life thing figured out.
  10. Preston Sturges
    Sturges became one of the first writer/directors after years as a successful albeit frustrated Hollywood screenwriter. He directed his first movie, THE GREAT MCGINTY, after offering to sell it to Paramount for $1 if they let him take the helm. He won the screenwriting Oscar for it. Plus he had a really dope mustache.
  11. Jay Duplass as Josh Pffeferman on "Transparent"
    I know he has intimacy issues and is kind of a sociopath but I don't care. I just look at the cool parts of him. He's a style icon and sexual confidence hero to dorky Jewish hipsters everywhere.
  12. Think you're forgetting somebody...
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