A lot of great older movies are hard to watch by modern standards, but here are a few that still feel fresh and crisp and especially vital to me.
  1. The Third Man
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    Directed by Carol Reed
  2. The Apartment
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    Directed by Billy Wilder
  3. Sweet Smell of Success
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    Directed by Alexander Mackendrick
  4. It Happened One Night
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    Directed by Frank Capra
  5. Sullivan's Travels
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    Directed by Preston Sturges
  6. The Rules of the Game
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    Directed by Jean Renoir
  7. Ninotchka
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    Directed by Ernst Lubitsch
  8. Ball of Fire
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    Directed by Howard Hawks
  9. The Naked Spur
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    Directed by Anthony Mann
  10. Duck Soup
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    Directed by Leo McCarey