I was not expecting to be starstruck surrounded by Xerox machines and racks of self-help books. But then I saw him.
  1. This is Rutger Hauer of Blade Runner, etc:
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  2. Wasn't 100% sure it was him cause it could have just been some random craggily old guy, but then he said to the Kinko's dude: "HAUER. H-A-U-E-R."
  3. It was probably my second best celebrity sighting after the time I saw Billy Friedkin eating breakfast at McDonald's on Sunset and Crescent Heights.
  4. Rutger H. was printing one copy of a screenplay and, because he said it out loud, I know it is called DANCE OF RAIN.
  5. Is it cool that he's still at it? Sad? Both?
  6. We are all going to die.