New York has no shortage of beer gardens and rooftop bars and the like but what do we have out here? Anything?
  1. It won't let me post this without writing something here but I got nothing! That's why I'm making this!
  2. My apartment.
    Suggested by @Z
  3. Hotel patios/pools
    Tower Bar at Sunset Tower, garden at the Chateau Marmont, poolside at Beverly Hills Hotel, or any of the spots on Sunset (Skybar, etc) if you want some douchey people-watching.
    Suggested by @mandi
  4. Marix
    My go-to - TexMex in WeHo. Cheap margaritas, stellar nachos, kind of a dump but it's my dump and I love it.
    Suggested by @mandi
  5. Golden Road
    Open, outdoor section and patio. Good food too.
    Suggested by @wes
  6. Cliff's Edge in silver lake.
    Nice hidden outdoor patio. Kind of fancy so the drinks are complicated and not cheap
    Suggested by @laure
  7. El chavito in silver lake
    This is @JEFF's favorite spot to take out of towners. Cheap margaritas and quesadillas and a charmingly basic outdoor patio.
    Suggested by @laure
  8. The Raymond in pasadena
    This is fancy like where you would take your mom for a Mother's Day brunch. But the cocktails are really good and you can sit in a wisteria covered patio in the back of a beautiful craftsman house.
    Suggested by @laure
  9. The ace hotel downtown
    Don't ever go on a weekend because you'll want to kill yourself. But during the week it is legitimately great. Plus I have never been so drunk off of two drinks.
    Suggested by @laure
  10. The alcove/big bar
    Sometimes it's too packed but good brunch/day drinking in los feliz.
    Suggested by @laure
  11. La Cita
    Sundays they have a Bloody Mary bar on the back patio that is equal parts amazing and bat shit insane.
    Suggested by @Burke
  12. Black Cat in Silverlake. Outdoor patio so you can people watch along Sunset
    Suggested by @sam
  13. Angel City brewery in the arts district downtown. It's in an old slinky factory 🌀
    Suggested by @sam
  14. Hotel Shangri La
    Amazing view of the beach
    Suggested by @sam
  15. High at Hotel Erwin
    You usually need a reservation and it errs on the douchey side but the drinks are great and you can see all of Venice
    Suggested by @sam
  16. Plan Check on Sawtelle
    Not a rooftop, but great to sit outside at!!
    Suggested by @oligear