The real answer is ALL OF THEM. But that would be an annoying one item list, so here are some DVDs that have specific sentimental value or stand out as a result of their rewatchability. I hope this doesn't make me seem like a psychopath. I'm not one, I swear.
  1. So @sagudo has outed me. When I moved into my place I looked at the empty pantry and then at my roommate and told her, "Okay, so we can put food in here. OR..."
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  2. The Simpsons Seasons 3-10
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    No explanation necessary.
  3. Punch-Drunk Love
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    When I was 13, a family friend invited Jeremy Blake over to my parents' house. In addition to his perfect cover art for Beck's Sea Change, he designed the interludes in this movie. He was an incredibly nice guy considering I was just a kid talking his ear off. I ran and grabbed my PDL DVD and had him sign it. Four years later, a week after his girlfriend's suicide, he walked into the ocean and never came back. I'm happy I have this. It reminds me that we are all just hanging by fucking a thread.
  4. Little Miss Sunshine
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    My friend and I made a short in high school about George Washington in the present day, replete with a bad wig and silly jokes about a founding father ghost riding the whip. As a film festival prize, we got this DVD signed by super geniuses Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris. The sun has faded it a little bit but it was the first time I got real positive reinforcement from people outside my family.
  5. Ceremony
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    This is the first movie I ever worked on. I did a Making Of that is on the Special Features and as such, it is the first (and still the only) thing of mine ever to be made commercially available.
  6. It's Not You It's Me
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    This short film directed by @hellomattspicer and starring @gillianjacobs is my blink-and-you'll-miss-it acting debut. I hope I have it forever so that I can one day prove to my children that, as a young man, I was killed in a movie. I won't let them watch the credits though because I believe my character's name was GAY HIKER.
  7. Rookie of the Year
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    I couldn't even begin to imagine how many times I have watched this movie. Got this in the last few years to replace the clamshell VHS that I literally wore out.
  8. Special Thanks to Roy London
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    I bought this after hearing Garry Shandling talk about it, probably in an interview on the Larry Sanders box set (another big one for me). This documentary is where I learned a lot of the philosophies that inform how I work with actors. After I'd been taught some patently false shit on the subject at NYU film school, this helped me unlearn the nonsense.
  9. The Heartbreak Kid
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    One of my all time heroes and all time crushes, Elaine May, directed this masterpiece. It's out of print. It's also the film that really made me realize that you can make funny movies about the dark side of love and the narcissism of the male gaze.
  10. This is my Life
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    Several studios have archive collections where nerds like me can buy made to order DVD-Rs of movies that not enough people care about to warrant a true home video release. Which is a shame cause this movie fucking rules. It combines my deep loves for comedy, women, family, and JULIE KAVNER.
  11. Girlfriends
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    Another classic from an archive collection. Both Girlfriends and This is my Life actually got on my radar in the first place thanks to a fucking excellent series that @lenadunham curated at BAM back when I was still at college in New York, programmed alongside one of my all time favorites -- Whit Stillman's "The Last Days of Disco."
  12. Ball of Fire
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    This movie is in-fucking-credible. A screwball re-imagining of Snow White written by Billy Wilder & Charles Brackett and directed by Howard Hawks, starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck. Should be considered a timeless classic, and yet the only way to get it was as this Asian bootleg.
  13. The Ref
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    My family watches this movie every Christmas. Yours should too. It was one of the only R-rated movies I was allowed to watch as a little kid, which in retrospect is kind of fucked up but who cares?
  14. Loser
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    This is the movie that made me want to go to NYU. And sure it's not very good, but I still love it so much even though it's just a weird, kind of lame remake of the actual masterpiece The Apartment. Also, this is Amy Heckerling's follow up to Clueless, which is inarguably one of the greatest American film comedies, so there was no way it wasn't gonna be a disappointment.
  15. Waiting for Guffman
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    I hope I still have this when I can show it to my kids, the way my dad showed it to me. There won't be DVDs anymore then -- there barely are now -- but I'll download it onto their internal brain hard drives and they can watch it on their eyelids or whatever.
  16. The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection
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    What are still, for my money, the funniest movies ever made were released when the medium had only been around for like two decades. Bonkers.
  17. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Complete Series
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    Sure, this show is insane but I find it to be deeply enjoyable and since everyone else hates it, this DVD set only cost like 7 dollars new on Amazon.
  18. Errol Morris' First Person: The Complete Series
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    They're ALL great, but the Rick Rosner and Sondra London episodes of this show are probably the things I show the most to friends who are over that want to watch something. Total perfection.
  19. Can't Hardly Wait
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    I bought this at Blockbuster on 14th and Wilshire in high school with my friend Willa and we watched it together and then I proceeded to watch it approximately one million more times after that.
  20. Vh1 (Inside) Out: Warren Zevon
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    Despite Billy Bob Thornton's ludicrous and onanistic narration, this one hour special -- that documents Warren Zevon as he recorded his final album with the knowledge that he was about to die -- is another great reminder of the thinness of the thread we are all hanging by.
  21. Every single Woody Allen movie, in chronological order
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    Even the bad ones. They are just so incredibly comforting to me.