Missing from this list is a copy of "The Head on the Door" by The Cure and I'm fucking pissed I can't find it. But here are some other great ones.
  1. R.E.M. - "Reckoning"
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  2. Tom Waits - "Small Change"
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  3. The Waterboys - "A Pagan Place"
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  4. The Replacements - "Boink!!"
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  5. Oingo Boingo - "Only a Lad"
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    Note "Gabby" in faded Sharpie
  6. 999 - "The Biggest Prize in Sport"
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  7. Kraftwerk - "Computer World"
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  8. Violent Femmes - "Violent Femmes"
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  9. The Smiths - "How Soon is Now?" Single
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  10. David Bowie - "Let's Dance"
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  11. Iggy Pop - "Zombie Birdhouse"
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  12. Prefab Sprout - "Two Wheels Good"
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  13. New Order - "Low-life"
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    Note the "Gabi Dore" - a different spelling - in decades-old Sharpie
  14. Talking Heads - "Speaking in Tongues"
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    Packaging by Rauschenberg
  15. Bob Dylan - "Nashville Skyline"
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  16. The Clash - "Combat Rock"
    F3d5963d cb0b 41f5 9c6c edf9bacaacfe
    With another faded Sharpie "Gabby"
  17. Devo - "Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!"
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  18. Gang of Four - "Entertainment!"
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  19. Bauhaus - "Burning from the Inside"
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  20. Tears for Fears - "Songs from the Big Chair"
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  21. Roxy Music - "Country Life"
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