Brett Morgen's new documentary about Kurt Cobain is on HBO Go and it's so fucking good.
  1. Where are the reluctant rock stars?
    All the biggest bands in the world these days WANT to be the biggest band (Mumford, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, etc) and they sand themselves down in order to get there. But it's all edgeless. Was Nirvana the last time a weird, sad band snuck through and somehow captivated the entire world? I wish there were more.
  2. Maybe it was just the 90s?
    I feel like everything is so corporate these days, and it's almost like the 80s again. People doing blow and like money being cool. There's no such thing as a sell out anymore. But in the 90s, the counter culture WAS the culture. Again, I just wish more weird shit got through!
  3. You don't have to be miserable to be an artist but...
    It does seem like most of the all time great creative geniuses have severe emotional problems. Lots of people are good, but to be iconic maybe you have to be bad at being a person on a day to day basis. I also just wonder how much of their iconic status is due to the fact that they don't stick around for too long.
  4. What is Frances Bean Cobain's life like?
    It's hard enough to grow up in the shadow of celebrity parents when said parents are ALIVE. I can't even imagine trying to escape the specter of Kurt & Courtney.
  5. Nirvana was so fucking good