Not because of the movies themselves, but because I started texting or I fell asleep or something... Okay, maybe some were because of the movies themselves.
  1. Three Colors: Blue
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    10 mins ago, because I started making this list.
  2. The Passion of Joan of Arc
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    I should give it another shot. It does look pretty fucking hip.
  3. Twin Peaks Pilot (4 times)
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    I'll probably never finish it. You know when you restart something you've seen the beginning of a few times & you're just like, "Fuck! This again?!"
  4. Love & Basketball
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    This one is fully my error. Must revisit.
  5. Safety Last
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    Him hanging off the clock is funny as fuck tho.
  6. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
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  7. Nashville
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  8. Topsy Turvy
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    The VHS box haunts me, being at my grandma's & having to either watch this or CARRINGTON. It's why I brought CLUELESS over every time.
  9. L'Atalante
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    It might just be too old?
  10. Can't Hardly Wait
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    JUST KIDDING. About turning it off after 5 minutes. Not about it being a masterpiece.