THE 5⃣💬🔀

I "spun the globe" of my iMessages and this is what I found, along with explanations.
  1. My friend Camilla Blackett (who should be on ListApp) and I discussing the sublime TOGETHERNESS finale.
  2. My friend Sam Weidman (who should also be on ListApp) and I quoting obscure lines from SMALL TIME CROOKS back and forth to each other.
  3. My friend Paige Elkington and I discussing THE JINX.
    Shit do I only talk about movies and shows? Is it just luck of the draw, or evidence that my media obsession has GONE TOO FAR?
  4. Texting with @onlinealison and @Z after they came to see my short.
  5. Last summer I went to Comic Con for work...
    And someone -- I still don't know who -- posted a fake Craiglist ad with my cell number saying I was giving away a pass to someone who sent me a pic of their costume. I got, without exaggeration, 75 TO 100 of these texts. Brutal, but whoever did it is a genius.