1. Yuji (don't remember his last name)
    Kindergarten. I used to go over to his house to play video games even though I didn't like them. His mom was demure and sweet and Japanese and his dad looked like Sam Elliott. His dad would walk around their house in his tighty whiteys and when I asked him why he wasn't wearing pants he'd say, "This is my house. I don't have to wear pants in my own house." I didn't realize this was weird until years later when I mentioned it to my mom and she was like, "That's really weird."
  2. Paul Tuller
    Elementary School. Remember I felt really cool when his mom reached out to mine to arrange our first play date. He was a bully and I don't remember why but once he punched me in the stomach in his stairwell. His dad had a young Asian male "roommate" who years later my mom pointed out to me was the man he'd left Paul's mother for. I now know, because of Facebook, that Paul was also gay. The first movie I ever made was with Him. In it, we staged a break-in of his dad's place.
  3. Tobias (don't remember his last name)
    5th grade. I lived in New York briefly and Tobias and I used to ride our Razor Scooters up and down Beekman Place. I remember we printed out some pictures of naked women but left them in the printer. His mom then called my mom, and it was a whole thing. I think he had red hair.
  4. Lorenzo (don't remember his last name)
    6th grade. We hung out all the time and would go trick or treating in his apartment building at the top of Beekman Place. I remember that his dad worked for Hugo Boss and was hardly ever home, and that Lorenzo and I watched Little Nicky together once on VHS. I also had a sex dream about his mom once.
  5. Ryan Marks
    7th and 8th grade. After that brief stint in NY, my family had another brief stint in Santa Barbara. Ryan and I were movie geeks together, spouting nonsense as though we had any idea what we were talking about. We would watch Swingers and then go to Bar Mitzvahs telling each other we were "so money." I used his dad's IMDb Pro account up until last year, when it kept saying to update the credit card info. Then I found out his dad died and felt really shitty and weird.
  6. Owen Gorman
    8th and 9th grade. It took me a long time to really settle in socially when my family moved to Santa Monica. Owen was my first real friend, maybe just because we were both a little odd and lived close to each other. We would watch Evil Dead II and listen to Interpol and I wish I had been nicer to him towards the end. I was probably a dick as I adjusted and got cooler friends.
  7. Nick Leonard & Hannah Getz
    10th grade. Nick and Hannah were a couple and I was their Cameron Frye. We would do EVERYTHING together, Nick driving us around in his rust colored Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was weird because I think I was a little bit in love with Hannah. This was probably the first in a long line of instances where I became very close with my best guy friend's girlfriend.
  8. Mel Shaw
    11th grade through Sophomore year of college. Mel and I made movies together and drove around in her charcoal Jetta listening to CDs I had burned. We drank a lot for high school kids and spent literally every day together for probably a year or two. Like even Christmas Day. We both ended up going to NYU and our friendship became toxic and strained as we continued working together. I tried reaching out a couple years ago and we almost hung out but I haven't really spoken to her since college.
  9. Vanessa Vallon
    Junior year of college (and we're still very close, just maybe not as close as we were that year). Vanessa is the best, and she lives in Nashville now but we still talk a lot. Junior year we both lived in the West Village and so I used to climb her six floor walk up all the time and we'd watch shitty movies and order Westville delivery. I'm going to visit her in two weeks and I can't wait.
  10. Nate Waters ( @nathanwaters )
    Senior year of college until... Well, we're still going strong. Nate was the first person who was nice to me when I moved to LA in 8th grade. We sat across from each other in Ms. Valenzuela's history class and were always friendly, but didn't become close until we lived together senior year of college. I can't remember the last time I went a day without talking to him. We call each other probably 10 times a day on average, and I hope that never stops.