No one knows how to do ANYTHING right away. You gotta keep going, and then one day you'll look up and it'll be hard to imagine a universe where you didn't know how to do whatever was dogging you.
  1. Driving
    I used to be paralyzed with fear, maneuvering a hunk of metal past and through other hunks of metal, trusting them all not to slam into me. It wasn't til the summer after college that I took an office PA job in New York and found myself forced to drive cargo vans with no back windows in Times Square at rush hour and deep into New Jersey. If I'd known, I wouldn't have taken the job, and if I hadn't taken the job, I probably wouldn't know how to drive.
  2. Dancing
    Not that I'm some AMAZING dancer, but I used to think it was something for other people to do, that I was categorically a different kind of person. I'm now able to play along and not seem like a weirdo when all my friends are getting jiggy with it.
  3. SoulCycle
    I remember being really scared by the image of SoulCycle I had in my head, thinking I'd never be able to hang through a class. Then I actually went and now, silly as it may be, I fucking love it and it's the first time in my life I've found a way to exercise that I actually WANT to do.
  4. Writing
    Confidence in my abilities in this arena has improved drastically the longer I have stuck with it, pushing through the bullshit and knowing what criticism to listen to (it always comes from the person who understands what you're trying to do, rather than the one who wants to change it into something they have in their own head).
  5. Life
    I'm hangin' in there even though it's weird as fuck. Learning more every step of the way. The craziest part is I'm doing alright so far. KNOCK ON WOOD.