Honestly we mostly watched VHS's my dad bought at the flea market, but I still watch a lot of TV with my parents to this day. I moved to Venice, only like 15 mins away from their house in Santa Monica, and so I'm over there a lot. Last night, for instance, we all watched the Massachusetts episode of Parts Unknown.
  1. Get a Life
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  2. Married... With Children
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  3. The Simpsons
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  4. Sigmund & the Sea Monsters
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  5. AMC
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    Back before they had shows, when it was basically what TCM is now.
  6. MLB Postseason
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  7. Mr. Show
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  8. Da Ali G Show
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  9. The Office (UK)
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  10. The Office (US)
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  11. Extras
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  12. Arrested Development
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  13. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
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  14. Ken Burns documentaries
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  15. TCM
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