Sometimes I can't believe these things were real
  1. Young ladyboy students who loved to pretend they were constantly in a beauty pageant. Of course I allowed it because they were hysterical
  2. This was 4 stories up outside a window. A teacher definitely instructed him to jump out the window and clean it
  3. This game where they make a rope out of rubber bands and you have to jump over it with no hands, only using your feet. They caught air
  4. School trip in a bus with Donald Trumps face on it. Every Wednesday we had to wear the same pink polo to celebrate the King of Thailand
  5. My gorgeous former lady boy student now... I asked him to come to America and do my makeup. He said no :(
  6. Sign on the computer lab on literally every window. I never got a straight answer if it meant what I thought it meant
  7. ❤️