I'm super proud of these and also very worried that I'll soon be forced to eat my words. Pride comes before a fall right?
  1. My toddler's vegetable obsession
    Beets, brussel sprouts, mushrooms etc.
  2. That I don't need my husband (or anyone) to help me put furniture together
    I'm positive this annoys everyone I mention it to. Especially my dad who I call to gloat. He responds as though this is normal and he expected it all along. Annoying.
  3. That my kids are good sleepers
    I don't talk about this much actually, but I'm afraid one day they'll just stop sleeping well and my life will fall apart.
  4. That fat is good for you
    I.e. Real butter, real cream, good cheese, Häagen-Dazs...
  5. My sauce making skills
    Exclusively to my husband who acknowledges the brilliance, but only a little bit. It's the aforementioned real cream and butter.
  6. Food
    No real fear attached, I just talk about it a lot. LIKE ALL THE TIME.