A little too young for this movie and I grew up in a conservative house so I've never watched it before tonight
  1. Her hair. Oh my gosh Joan Cusacks hair. Are my kids gonna laugh at my hair one day?
  2. Oh my gosh Alec Baldwin. He is much better looking now.
    Like he looks like greasy garbage
  3. Kevin spacey is doing coke during her "interview", I can't believe this
  4. 4 strikes you're out is not a saying
  5. Have any of these women looked in mirror lately?
  6. Oh Ginny, go eat a sock
  7. "And I am after all...me" 👎🏼
  8. Is the girl on top of Alec crying???
    Why doesn't she just leap off and cover herself up? Why doesn't he push her off? Such a confusing caught cheating scene
  9. Who chooses their undergarments before picking a dress??????????????
    There is no world in which this would happen
  10. Geez Harrison Fords voice is sexy
  11. A head for business and a bod for sin.......
    No just no, I'm sure this is an iconic line, but NO
  12. Why is ANYONE being sympathetic to Alec Bladwin!?
    How can she even be in the same room as him?
  13. What is happening in that hospital room!?!?!?
    It's a legitimate party, and is she referring to her doctors penis? Or his actual bones?
  14. Is she gonna say something about the food on Harrison Ford's face???????????????????????
    No. The answer is no.
  15. Oh my goodness Bitsy is Kathy Geiss!!!!!
  16. Why is this business meeting so whispery?
  17. Did they walk all the way home kissing?
    There's a lot of suitcase dropping, and kissing noises with no background music. Why 80's? WHY?
  18. Yes vacuum in your underwear, that way if she comes home early she'll see you naked IN. HER. HOUSE.
  19. Do muscle relaxers in movies work the same as muscle relaxers in real life?
    In movie they basically go crazy
  20. I thought she was sleeping with her doctor? How can she hear her biological clock?
  21. Is Sigourney Weaver gonna bust into this meeting??
    That is NOT gonna go over well...
  22. People clear their throats A LOT in this movie
    Was there no water on set?
  23. Pb&j and twinkies is what he packed her for lunch?
  24. Damn this list got LONG
  25. I definitely see why this film was a big deal for its time.
    Very girl power
  26. Also Tess's secretary is Felicity's therapist