A portrait of the naive optimism that made college exciting
  1. The feeling I had freshman year that California was paradise
    It isn't, but coming from rainy Washington, I had certainly made out to seem like it was, and I liked that feeling that there was a better place out there somewhere.
  2. The feeling that I could learn anything
    Though I soon found out that having the option to learn things that sound interesting didn't always mean that actually learning them was interesting, but I like that feeling of endless options of education because I thought if I knew interesting things, I'd be more interesting. I've learned to narrow my focus, and keep learning interesting things even when they've stopped being interesting.
  3. The feeling that I would find the perfect social circle
    I've learned that there's no such thing as perfect friends, that it's not easy to make friends, and that it's hard to keep them. But I'll still be nostalgic for that feeling like my first college roommate would be my best friend ever and we'd be perfect for each other, and have joint weddings and always live next door to each other. Instead I got anti-social music majors that played Nintendo a lot. But eventually I found people like @stephen and @austin
  4. The feeling that things would come easily
    When I came to school I thought I'd be amazing at whatever I did, and it would be really easy to make the dreams in my head a reality. I quickly found out that when you start something new, that shit is really hard, and therefore it became just really hard to start anything. But I'm learning that sometimes you just need to be shit at things for a while until you're any good.
  5. The feeling that these will be the best years of my life
    I was pretty depressed when I came to school and thought this would be the end all be all of happiness and joy. But I'm really happy to know that my best years are still ahead of me, I'm just more realistic about what they'll be like.