1. A small child brought a toy hammer and is constantly banging it on metal poles
  2. A woman randomly stood up and yelled "FUCKING BULLSHIT!" and stormed off to the bathroom
  3. Two people behind me are talking about how they hate big phones but aren't making any real points as to why
    They just keep comparing them to other things with large screens like ipad's and tv's and then laughing
  4. That same couple has now moved on to discussing why they hate gauges (again without any real argument)
    "Looks like a hockey puck in your ears!"
  5. This screen is showing the box office sales of the week but isn't able to show long movie titles and the box office take
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  6. Solid picture of Nadal
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  7. The elderly gentleman at window 13 ROCKED the vision test like a champ
    And managed to sweet talk the woman behind the counter like a Casanova
  8. The DMV worker with long red hair just gave a crying little girl Little Mermaid stickers to cheer her up
  9. I was told I was missing something so I got that and now I'm at a different DMV. Let's resume.
  10. I got my plates!
    This place was less interesting.