Albums that changed my life

now in roughly chronological order
  1. "Beat It" is the first song I remember really hearing and loving...
  2. ...along with "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Strawberry Fields Forever." I was a kid when Anthology came out and it introduced me to The Beatles.
  3. duh
  4. got me into the psychedelic Beatles
  5. secretly introduced me to disco, R&B, G-funk, electronic music, Europop...
  6. introduced me to modern music
  7. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
  8. got me dancing and crying
  9. first album I ever imported to iTunes
  10. didn't know music could sound like this
  11. always gets me
  12. that ending
  13. John...
  14. pleased to meet you
  15. soul
  16. music doesn't have to be weird to be good
  17. also duh
  18. baby's first jazz
  19. opened many doors
  20. today your love, tomorrow the world
  21. my entire taste came from this album
  22. got me through middle school
  23. words
  24. gotta go fast
  25. love
  26. angery
  27. beautiful soul
  28. ideology and humor both probably stem from here
  29. Zappa pt. 2
  30. I get lost in here
  31. :'c
  32. helped me be a weirdo
  33. lil punk
  34. taught me play guitar and piano
  35. emotions
  36. how to write songs
  37. beauty
  38. Malibu: the album
  39. the virginal depressed teenage boy bible
  40. lol
  41. depression
  42. began the descent into obsessiveness
  43. 2007: the year alt broke
  44. made me want to make music
  45. made me OK not being straight
  46. dreams
  47. The Rip
  48. lol unrequited love
  49. alt high school
  50. same as it ever was
  51. back in the days when I was a teenager
  52. this still sounds like the future
  53. what
  54. 90s intro
  55. I'm thinking that it must be love
  56. made me like percussive noise
  57. Ready to Die
  58. taught me to defend the things I love
  59. end of high school / start of long-distance
  60. dude's a robot
  61. dark times
  62. Is This Real?
  63. makes my belly feel things
  64. on you
  65. 1st Prince
  66. don't cry
  67. I know that something good is gonna happen
  68. got into this way earlier but probably the reason I moved back home to LA lol
  69. this is what love sounds like
  70. crushing
  71. 80s intro
  72. Kashif will lead you so many places
  73. the perfect summer album and soundtrack
  74. healing
  75. weird sexy dude
  76. made me even less straight lol
  77. all of these are essential for learning dance music
  78. still I dream of it
  79. today
  80. always perfect