1. Winston
    It's actually Winston's last day. His owners are moving out. I have mixed feelings. Sure he's cute as all hell, but his favorite hobby is ball-punching me.
  2. Khloe
    Khloe is my fave. She just chills. And loves. And burrows her face into your neck. :)
  3. Kodi
    Kodi doesn't give a fuck. Not a single fuck. She's like 30 or something. Saw her tromping around outside the other night. "Come on Kodi let's go inside!" She didn't even look at me. Just kept trompin'.
  4. Rocco
    Rocco is a temp. His parents slept on our futon last night after a party here. If ever there was a dog bro, it's Rocco. He's got a lazy eye which enhances the cuteness.