1. We met at a bar the afternoon of Mother's Day.
  2. That's how you can tell we were classy.
  3. She ordered chicken nachos.
  4. I was reading a book of poetry.
  5. Drinking Coors Light because it reminded me of Denver.
  6. She asked what I was reading.
  7. I told her Vogue.
  8. She said, "shut up."
  9. So I looked at her.
  10. She was pretty cute.
  11. Blonde hair in a ponytail, t-shirt turned into a tank top.
  12. Scar on her mouth, bunch of crazy tattoos.
  13. One tattoo was an infinity symbol on her side.
  14. One end of the infinity symbol was snipped, dangling like a shoe string.
  15. "FUCK THAT" was written in big bold letters above the symbol.
  16. I asked for her name.
  17. She told me. I told her mine. Then she said, "Google me."
  18. So I googled her.
  19. "Click on images."
  20. So I clicked on images.
  21. The first image was a mugshot. She had black hair in the mugshot and no mouth scar.
  22. The second image was another mugshot. Blonde hair here, still no mouth scar.
  23. She seemed genuinely proud of the mugshots.
  24. Wouldn't tell me what they were for.
  25. I researched later and found out they were two DUIs in rather quick succession.
  26. I bought her a drink.
  27. She bought me a drink.
  28. She kissed me after the third drink, right there at the bar.
  29. She asked what I was waiting for.
  30. I didn't know I was waiting for anything, but I appreciated the kiss.
  31. She brought up her ex.
  32. He had taken her dog to Arizona.
  33. "Dick."
  34. Later, she invited me back to her place.
  35. But she'd need a ride.
  36. We made out for a little while, then she went for my belt.
  37. I stopped her.
  38. It didn't seem to be in the spirit of Mother's Day to have non-procreative sex with someone.
  39. Also, I had just met her.
  40. This affected her.
  41. In fact, she was beside herself.
  42. I decided it was best for me to go.
  43. I asked for her number.
  44. "Give me yours."
  45. So I did.
  46. "I'll text you sometime."
  47. We hung out a few more times, and occasionally kissed, but it never progressed beyond that.
  48. The next month she was back with her ex and I didn't hear from her much.
  49. I wonder what gave her that scar.