1. Frank
    Named after Frankenstein because it's a composite of a few broken guitars. Sounds like shit, but I'm very nostalgic over Frank.
  2. Samantha
    My better half. I'll die thinking of her.
  3. Captain Bluebear
    Named after the main character of the 13.5 Lives of Captain Bluebear who was saved from death in the nick of time by a pterodactyl. This bass was saved from a fall by my own body. In the nick of time.
  4. Monique
    Monique sees all the drama in the string section and wants nothing to do with it. She's an introvert and stays on the shelf most of the time because I don't really know how to play a concertina. At all.
  5. Khloe
    My roommate's guitar. Khloe enjoys margaritas, long walks on the beach, and shredding some sweet lixx.
  6. Mo
    Mo is easygoing. The chicks dig him. The guys wanna know his secret. His secret? He has no idea what's going on.
  7. Ronald
    Ron is Samantha's sidekick. Currently naked, but not at all embarrassed about it. He knows what he's got. Strung or not.