This is just a taste. (Also, moving back in with your parents after having lived on your own for years is rough sometimes. All in the name of paying off pesky student loans.)
  1. Don't you think you should put on some clothes?
    Because shorts and a tank don't qualify as clothing? 🤔
  2. you're wearing your robe out in public again?
    For the millionth time, it's a kimono.
  3. Don't you wanna go work out?
    Not really, but apparently you want me to.
  4. When I was your age I weighed 130 lbs.
    Cool. I weigh 15lbs more, but also I'm 5'11 and you're 5'7....!?
  5. Oh, you're wearing your hair like that?
  6. Hmmm you should really reconsider what you're eating. It's gross.
    Ok, I get it, you're vegan. I'm not. Save your judgement.
  7. Be more ladylike otherwise you won't ever have a husband.