My favorite episodes of my favorite show ranked.
  1. Runners up:
    Initiation (S3:E5), The Return (S3:E13), The Alliance (S1:E4)
  2. Company Picnic (S5:E28)
    Michael and Holly are reunited and ruin the company picnic and then Jim and Pam find out Pam is pregnant. How could you not love this episode??
  3. Stress Relief Pt. 2 (S5:E15)
    The roast of Michael Scott. Enough said.
  4. The Dundies (S2:E1)
    The awards that are given out in addition to Pam getting wasted and ultimately kicked out are an amazing combination.
  5. Frame Toby (S5:E9)
    Michael doesn't know Toby has returned to the office and plots to get Toby into some major trouble.
  6. Koi Pond (S6:E8)
    Michael is asked to join Jim on a sales call and falls into a pond. To make light of the situation Michael makes fun of himself until they see the video footage of the fall.
  7. Dwight's Christmas (S9:E9)
    The Schrute's version of Christmas is absolute perfection in every way.
  8. Ben Franklin (S3:E14)
    Jim is put in charge of hiring a stripper for the girls for Phyllis's lunchtime bachelorette party and hires an actor meant for children to learn about Ben Franklin. Meanwhile Michael is in charge of the guys party in the warehouse.
  9. Fun Run (S4:E1)
    Michael runs Meredith over with his car, which leads them to find out she has rabies. The office gathers to support her and the fight against rabies by raising money through a fun run.
  10. Lice (S9:E10)
    Meredith gets blamed for bringing lice into the office and ends up bald.
  11. The Injury (S2:E12)
    There is not one part of this episode that is not hilarious. Michael steps on his George Foreman grill one morning and comes into the office looking for sympathy. Meanwhile Dwight is dealing with the side effects of a concussion which brings attention away from Michael.