Forever mid-spectrum💋
  1. I own three pairs of uggs
    But I wear them in snow or in total darkness
  2. I'm a big avocado toast fan
    But I only Instagram it sometimes and really like how it tastes and it's the only thing I can cook
  3. I'll have like two (or 6) pumpkin spice lattes each fall
  4. I enjoy Taylor Swift
    But only since she started darkening her eye makeup and acting psycho manic cool in the blank space video
  5. Designer stuff
    Someone (on the real housewives I think) once said if you dress yourself in expensive things people will fear you or want to be you idk if this is true yet but hey I'm Jewish and really good at finding deals so this is a thing
  6. Selfies
    BUT NEVER SHARED ON SOCIAL MEDIA only through text to share your fun fresh and excited emotions with your peers
  7. A diet of salad, sushi, Diet Coke, and wine
    I'm 23 it's fine
  8. Group fitness classes
    I only like this since gyms are scary for the physically inept and group classes FORCE you to stay in a confined space with all the other lululemon clad women for 45 minutes with fear instilled upon you and no seeing the light until class is done
  9. Freaking out over boys being boys
    But on the bright side this motivates me to reclaim to power and then play even more intensive games and make them love me and then gone girl myself!
  10. Hating sports
    I'm allowed to hate sports because I played quidditch in college so I understand the fuss but just don't care for it
  11. Analyzing which sex and the city character I'd be
    Only to realize you're a cross between Carrie, Samantha, carries editor at vogue, and Anthony
  12. Planning my wedding
    This is fun for me because I know I'll have a minimum of 3 weddings so it's a cool and interesting game to see how different I can make them
  13. Rom coms
    These are fun to watch if you are 80% a sociopath which Google once told me I am so
  14. Blonde highlights