From basic 2 bad bitch 😈
  1. Gaston, Beauty and the Beast
    I honestly think gaston is just dumb and misguided. Perhaps from a steroid overdose. He could def meet a really nice girl online who could try to ~change him~
  2. The Evil Stepmother, Cinderella
    What's the big deal here? Her STEPdaughter (not even real daughter) is prettier, skinnier, has smaller feet, and is the apple of the prince's eye. NO SHIT SHE'S JEALOUS. Can you blame her?
  3. Captain Hook, Peter Pan
    Now a days he would have a prosthetic hand that would actually be really cool and allow him parking for the handicap spot for the ship. The hook was his claim to fame but when you really think about it...whatever
  4. Scar, The Lion King
    The most terrifying thing about scar is in fact, his scar. Very menacing to have a scar on your face, even as a lion. He has a lot of animals that do his dirty work. Probably to avoid more scars.
  5. Cruella De Vil, 101 Dalmatians
    Okay listen. Dogs are amazing and I know cruelly is PETA's public enemy number 1 but she's just a hard working girl tryma make an honest living. And surely with ONE HUNDRED AND ONE Dalmnations it's no big for her to have a fierce jacket or two. I'll allow it.
  6. The Huns, Mulan
    They are literally SO mean. And they are very tall and wear awful brown outfits and have sinister eyebrows. Poor Mulan and Mooshoo.
  7. The Hunter, Bambi
    He kills a BABY DEER'S MOTHER like can you NOT
  8. Jafar, Aladdin
    Jafar is a psychopath. His whole evil plan is to make jasmine his SLAVE so him and his parrot can take the throne. He actually has a great sense of humor and puts jazzy in a sexy little red number when he traps her in a SAND TIMER. To catch a predator: agrabah
  9. Hades, Hercules
    Hades rules because not only does he try to steal the coolest grecian's souls, but he's also freaking hilarious. Like yeah he's pretty wild but all he is doing is trying to turn the underworld into the most raging party ever with the best crew. He ALSO has mad connections with the spooky witch ladies who cut the strings aka KILL PEOPLE. I mean....
  10. Ursula, The Little Mermaid
    Ursula is a fierce betch who is an A+ compulsive liar and would be an excellent drag queen to boot. Her whole voice con with Arielle is genius not to mention she transforms from an octopus to total babe when she tries to steal Eric (also a babe). Girl knows what's up.
  11. Dr. Facilier, The Princess and the Frog
    Omg omg omg I shiver at the thought of this dude. He is a VOODOO Doctor that transforms the prince in the story into a FROG (see: film title) he wears a necklace that has two fang things and also sports a top hat. Top hats can be really scary sometimes.
  12. Hans, Frozen
    Shit this guy is AMAZING. he LITERALLY tricks naive ginger Anna THE WHOLE TIME that he is in love with her only to seize the palace. And the kicker--HE ALMOST GETS AWAY WITH IT. Oh you sneaky "prince". So hot.
  13. Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty
    She literally has the ability to turn into a fire breathing dragon. Is there anything else to say.
  14. Rasputin, Anastasia
    I know Anastasia is TECHNICALLY not Disney but it's my favorite ever so suck it. Rasputin is the freaking MAN. He is scary as hell and has a minion of BUGS who transform into little flying orbs that put spells on people in their sleep that make them sleepwalk and/or crashes trains. He mastered no shave November (through every other month) and has a beard that rivals Voldemort. He ALSO can look into a WATER BIN thing and see his next victim. And his song is so catchy.