1. People most of the time
  2. Humans touching me when I don't want to be touched
  3. Traffic
  4. Slow walkers
  5. People who are bad at Instagram
  6. When someone asks to try your food before you've taken a bite
  7. Taking 18 photos in a row of the same pose (hypocritical)
  8. When someone judges you for getting a lettuce bun on a burger
  9. People who can't ~relax~
  10. Anyone talking at a volume above a whisper on a train/plane/bus
  11. When a boy sleeps over and won't leave the next day even though you tell him you have barre class
  12. Close talkers
  13. BUGS!!!
  14. People who hate musical theatre
  15. When you're really hungry at 4:30 PM but don't want to eat anything because dinner is so soon
  16. Slow email responders
  18. When you can't easily find a slow online illegally
  19. Not getting 11 likes at the speed of the SUN
  20. People who are mean just to be mean and aren't even pretty so there's no justification