If you get a chance, sell your soul and secure nyc's hottest ticket --> HAMILTON! A new musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, currently playing at the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway. This is why:
  1. The concept
    A hip-hop stage adaption of Alexander Hamilton's biography? While some (me) snoozed their way through that highschool history lesson, seeing the most overlooked founding father's story told this way sheds an entire new light on how we remember history. Two minutes in and you're enthralled in the drama, scandal, passion and fervor that was Hamilton. (Spooky similar to every gangsta's hip hop story!)
  2. The music
    Originally planned as a concept album, Lin Manuel Miranda performed the opening rap at a White House benefit for the first family. Six years later, that same rap became the first number in the musical, instantly setting the hip hop vibe and drawing you in. The score is astonishing. The cool thing about rap and hip hop is that so many facts can be fit in and told quickly. Moving the story along seamlessly. From destiny's child vibes to British pop to an epic CABINET MTG RAP BATTLE WHICH IS NUTS
  3. The casting
    Get this. Hamilton himself is Latino, Aaron burr is black, Jefferson has an Afro and the amazing Schuyler sisters are a melting pot of diversity. In an era of change, it's the coolest thing in the world to see these historical figures portrayed by such a mixed cast of characters. Really freaking cool. The cast itself is incredible. Some of the most talented and versatile actors I've seen in years.
  4. The staging
    Thomas Kail directs with such sharp precision that creates an adrenaline rush throughout and is never ever boring.
  5. The aesthetic
    David Korins created a very Rent-Esque simplistic set--old wooden banisters and scaffolding circling the stage. Visually, the show is STUNNING. The lighting and costumes all fit with the period yet feel modern and fresh, in line with the entire feeling of the show in general.
  6. The history
    Okay raise your hand if you knew Hamilton's story before this show came about. NO ONE. But Hamilton's story of rising from an orphaned pennyless immigrant and became a hero and a scholar is nothing short of fascinating. His friend/rival Aaron Burr is equally compelling. The first time I saw the show I frantically searched for my old textbooks. Kid you not.
  7. The accuracy
    AFTER finding my textbook and spending HOURS on the Google, I found out that most of the show is completely accurate with the history (!!!). Manuel had hired Ron chernow as the show's political consultant for this reason alone. Mind = blown. History is freaking cool.
  8. The brilliance
    Every single thing about this show is absolutely riveting. Sitting in the theatre you realize what went into it and know in that instant you're watching something really special. There's a good reason this show is getting all of the buzz ever--because no matter how much it's hyped up it exceeds expectations each time. The most original show on Broadway to date and all from HISTORICAL FACTS! The combination of past and present, history and modernization, founding fathers and HIPHOP!!!! I can't
  9. The future
    10 minutes in, I realized that this this show will single handedly change the future of theatre as we know it forever. One of the songs in the show states "history is happening in Manhattan". I couldn't have said (sung) it better myself.
  10. Lin Manuel Miranda
    Holy shit. This is a big statement but I firmly believe he is the Sondheim of the millennium. HE BOUGHT THE BIOGRAPHY AT AN AIPORT GIFTSHOP AND READ IT ON THE BEACH ON VACATION AND WAS LIKE OH THIS COULD BE A MUSICAL. Like WHAT?! Just astonishing. He wrote and stars and is just absolutely everything. I dare you to see this and not want to run up to him and tell him how obsessed with him you are after. Miranda gave us all a gift and that is retelling history in a new way. NOW RUN & SEE THIS SHOW