1. Sirius by Olaf Stapleton
    A dog scientifically modified to have the intelligence of a man. It's as terrifying and relatable as you imagine.
  2. Cats Cradle by Vonnegut
    I like how this book feels like it was written by someone who has completely given up on life and just wants to make bitter jokes till he blows his brains out.
  3. Replay by Ken Grimwood
    A guy keeps getting reincarnated reliving his life repeatedly from the ages of 18 to 40. It's a total nightmare, obviously.
  4. Solaris by stanislav Lem
    This books is about a organism the size of a planet. When you get in its orbit it fucks you in your mind. So basically God hates you and is just stringing you along for shits and giggles. The tarkovsky movie is cool but the book's better.
  5. Doctors by dash shaw
    A comic book about inserting memories into dying coma patients (who don't even realize they aren't living in realty) to bring them back to life. they die again a few days later completely traumatized and betrayed. Awesome.
  6. Slaughterhouse five
  7. Times arrow by Martin Amis
    The life of a nazi soldier told in reverse by the innocent spirit that lives inside him who doesn't realize it's watching life going back to front.