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This is a great pre-sleep k-hole I've fallen into right here. Literally a k-hole, because Kraftwerk. Anyways...
  1. Hot Chip mixed one of their recent singles. Recent as in 2007. Which is early for Hot Chip.
    Am I late to this party?
  2. They detail the packaging of every album they've released.
  3. They cite the differences between tracks on the original versions + remastered versions of their records, leading to THIS section closing zinger.
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Last year we needed to make some sense of the BS parade known as SXSW. We knew a really good guy who could help us out. He may have found his answers in the stars, but he can still help us run down sullen devils here on earth. @sibel
I'm completely freaking out that THIS is where truckin' on the long strange trip has led us. http://www.dayofthedeadmusic.com/
  1. The War On Drugs - "Touch of Grey"
    As if I haven't been listening to a lo-fi YouTube rip of this for years now http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vKA6NZ_Hbuk It's so solid that it serves as a flawless proof point that the rest of this ambitious experiment (we mostly have yet to still hear, unlike this track) is surely going to be successful.
  2. Moses Sumney, Jenny Lewis, and Friends - "Cassidy"
    Puking rainbows - CLEARLY.
  3. Kurt Vile and the Violators featuring J. Mascis - "Box of Rain"
    Who's gonna do what here?! I NEED TO KNOW
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A year ago today, I walked down the 82 stairs from the sixth floor of my Williamsburg walk-up for the very last time with five bags on my person, on uneven 100 year old steps, without toppling over. If you can make it THERE, you can make it anywhere. And ever since, California still feels like a reward I have no idea what I did to deserve.
  1. The moment we crossed into Tahoe along Route 80 after a week shredding straight across the country.
    ☝️ My co-pilot Gideon and I upon Tahoe National Forest.
  2. My roommate, or "The Angel I Met On Craigslist"
    An alternate universe Lifetime movie coming to a TV near you soon.
  3. I can get out of either side of my bed if I want to.
    And my home has amenities that help me live like a real human woman. I'm now starting to wonder if Creed wrote "My Own Prison" about tenement-style apartments in New York City.
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The funkiest songs you've ever heard by no one you've ever heard of. May the funk be with you 🚀
  1. Klaudia
  2. Danielle aka Dede
  3. Shivonne
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  1. Cable network reality show re-enactment actress
  2. Hype man for one of the Marley brothers
  3. Female Bodybuilder I: petite division
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It was just announced that R.E.M's "Out Of Time" will see its 25th anniversary release this fall. http://m.pitchfork.com/thepitch/1053-an-oral-history-of-rems-out-of-time/
  1. Its true. I can't begin to explain how it's cosmically possible, but it is.
  2. It doesn't make any sense... comprehending a connection to music nowhere actually suited for a child of five or six years old.
    But I did. My parents had this incredible stereo system running through their bedroom and bathroom. I can remember asking for them to put this album in by name, asking them to skip over "Low" because it wasn't splashy enough compared to the rest of side A.
  3. I like this album and feel as strongly about it as I did in childhood. The same elements send a shiver up my spine.
    I visualize the same golden haze to layered chorus of "Near Wild Heaven." I consider my spirit figure to be a mandolin, surely influenced by "Losing My Religion." This record is also absolutely ruled by the tenor and timbre of so many melodic lead guitar lines in particular, like the one that starts the album on "Radio Song" and the one that drives the chorus of "Shiny Happy People." I actually just refer to this as Athens Guitar, even and especially when I hear it replicated by other artists.
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  1. "Motherfuckers need to man up and admit that they have gotten teary eyed during Undercover Boss."
  2. "Still in the office at 7:30pm on a Friday night...... All I want is to be home, order in Thai food and searching on Jdate."
  3. "The problem with eating alone in a buffet-style restaurant. When you go up for soup, the waiter clears off your table and people are now sitting there, even though the card says, 'I'll be ripe back!' ... I guess he didn't want a tip."
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