Everyone is doing great!!!!!! 👌
  1. Cable network reality show re-enactment actress
  2. Hype man for one of the Marley brothers
  3. Female Bodybuilder I: petite division
  4. Female Bodybuilder II: tall division
  5. Cable access children's show puppeteer
  6. NBA groupie
  7. Wild elephant preservationist
  8. Instagram-based infomercial fitness program coach
  9. Prosthesis salesperson
  10. Algebra teacher but also cool young pom squad coach
  11. ClassPass pole dancing
  12. Goose herder
  13. Career bridesmaid
  14. Failed east coast white rapper trying his hand at the Bay Area instead
  15. Canine yoga advocate
  16. Rotating member of a reggae Beatles cover band named "Yellow Dubmarine"