From an Integrated Arts Program Perspective™
  1. Ye's Sushi
  2. TNA hoodies
  3. Subway for lunch
  4. Smoking weed in the forest behind the school
  5. Being a triple major
  6. OSLC
  7. Hanging out after school and using the elevator
    Suggested by @beautybee
  8. Having sex in the fly loft
    Not sure if this was cool or weird, but if you did it, people talked about it.
    Suggested by @beautybee
  9. Starring in the musical
  10. But not playing guitar in the musical's pit band
  11. Carry around a ridiculously large bag instead of a backpack
    And then having to switch to a normal size bag because your doctor told you it was hurting your neck and shoulder
    Suggested by @hbender
  12. Hanging out at the school after school because your Dad could only pick you up at 5pm when he was done work
    Suggested by @hbender
  13. Being in 27+ choirs/bands/clubs
    Suggested by @hbender