yeah, there are apps for some of these games, but it's just not the same. my god i swear i'm a millennial
  1. Clue
    my absolute favorite game and the number one reason i'd invent a brain-splitting device so i could actually play this against myself
  2. Pictionary
    then again, whenever i try to draw for fun, it usually ends up being a solo game of pictionary
  3. Slapjack
    fun idea: play slapjack against yourself in a public place
  4. Taboo
    my subconscious brain doesn't know what 'taboo' means
  5. Battleship
    i'm so bummed that i can't see the look on my face when i sink my own aircraft carrier
  6. AND two games I wish never to play again:
  7. Monopoly
    i actually enjoy doing more than one activity in an afternoon, thank you very much
  8. Life
    if only we could all drive through life without getting out of the car and pick up cardboard tiles to win thousands of dollars