Ask me anything!
  1. I'm Samantha, and I go by Sam.
  2. I love doing all kinds of art.
    Sketching, watercolor, hand lettering, calligraphy, typography, graphic design, and other digital art
  3. ...and more art!
    playing piano and guitar, taking photos, making videos, and writing songs, poems, and short stories.
  4. Here's one of my favorite hand lettering pieces:
    I finished this one a few months ago.
  5. I post my photography, hand lettering, and other art to my Instagram every day!
    Shameless self promo:
  6. I'm working on opening an Etsy shop to sell my art.
    It's still in the works but it's coming along nicely!
  7. I'm starting college in the fall!
    i have no idea what i'm going to study but I'M STILL SO EXCITED
  8. I love cats, Lord of the Rings, candles, rainy days, and making art.
    and i LOVE talking about any and all of these things ahEM
  9. I'm really passionate about social justice issues.
    including homophobia, racism, sexism, ableism, wealth inequality, and so much more.
  10. I'm bisexual!
    it's so much fun until it's not. (see above)
  11. I have anxiety and get bouts of depression.
    I'm on the road to recovery, and it's the best choice I've ever made.
  12. I really love MBTI
    which stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. PLEASE go take an online quiz to find out which of the sixteen personalities you are and tell me and WE CAN TALK FOR HOURS
  13. And finally...
  14. I've been through a lot over the past couple years with my mental illnesses.
    If you're struggling, need a pep talk or advice, want to vent, or just need someone to talk to, I'm always here. Seriously i'd love to hear about your day xo
  15. Aaaaand that's all (that I can think of)...
    Feel free to ask me anything!!