because who doesn't want to quantify and subsequently assign arbitrary values that pass often undeserving judgment on their personal experiences and unique emotions, particularly those that provided valuable insight and opportunities for self-improvement?
  1. how many times I clicked my mouse button
    the number is probably terrifying
  2. how many stickers I didn't use because I couldn't decide where to put them
  3. how many steps I've taken
    I'm probably on the low end of the bell curve
  4. how many times I've watched Lord of the Rings
    extended editions, of course. none of this "we cut it down to two hours" crap
  5. how many times I've missed opportunities to wear a blanket in public
    good thing I can start fixing that right now
  6. how many times I've told my family and friends I love them
    that number can't be high enough
  7. how many times I've told my cats I love them
    it's probably higher than the previous one