1. Hamburger in a Blender
    a nice shade of brown, possibly with flecks of tomato red and mustard and sadness
  2. Donald Trump
    fluorescent orange. yells racist and sexist things from your fingernails
  3. Ted Cruz
    pale lizard green to pay homage to his home planet
  4. Hillary Clinton
    it's whatever color you, the valued citizen, want it to be
  5. Bernie Sanders
    a color with strong morals and no way to pay for everything it's proposing
  6. The Inevitable Takeover of Artificial Intelligence
    pure white and terrifyingly uniform
  7. Oops I Left My House With a Candle Burning
    i guess we'll never know what color it was
  8. Procrastination
    the nail polish color makers kept putting this one off until it was too late
  9. Adam Sandler's Tears
    comment what color you think this would be bc i have no idea