1. Flirting via Twitter favs
  2. Putting on different tank tops and looking at myself in them
  3. Reconsidering which Real Housewives of New York castmate I am
    Currently feeling like a Bethenny, Carole-rising
  4. Washing the same glass over and over again
  5. Fluffing my throw pillows
  6. Going up to my roof to look at the view of Los Angeles and humming Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten"
    ~*~ release ur inhibitions ~*~
  7. Responding to basics on several different dating apps
  8. Anxiously biting my nails
  9. Planning itineraries for glamorous international vacations I have no intention of taking
    Canary Islands, anyone?
  10. Filling a shopping cart at online retailers but not actually checking out
  11. Making lists