1. Stop comparing.
    Stop comparing yourself to others, to your idea of what you thought your life would look like, what others thought/think your life should/would look like.
  2. Let go of expectations.
    This is similar to my first point, but forget about your expectations for how things happen, how others behave and outcomes of situations. Be unattached to the outcome and you can live more in the moment.
  3. Do stuff you like every day.
    Even if you don't like your day job, your living space, your city, your co-workers, your latest haircut...take control of the time and things you can control and do things you love. People underestimate how much free time they have in a day - squeeze in coffee dates with old friends, go on walks with your dog, get a manicure or massage, volunteer, be with family, write the best book ever, just practice your passion whatever it might be!
  4. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.
    We've all been at a point where it felt like there was nothing to be grateful for. This is when you need to practice gratitude the most! When in the span of two months I lost my promotion, lost my grandmother, got dumped, had my car die and went on strike at work, I forced myself to list five things in my head each morning as I walked my dog. I was grateful for having a dog to walk, having friends to drive my ass around, having the right to strike, being able to walk to my second job, sunshine.
  5. Fill your phone/device with positivity.
    I spend a lot of time on social media and there can be certain negativity but you have the power to turn it into a tool for positive inspiration. I follow self-help authors, entrepreneurs, comedians and fitness personalities on all social media platforms. Every time I cruise Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or Twitter, I see good! If you have negative friends or family members, just change your settings so you don't have to see their rants.
  6. Fill your ears with good stuff
    I listen to podcasts in my car and often while walking my dog. Music that you love works too! If you fill your brain with enough positive shit, you reprogram your thoughts and can shift away from listening to that inner negative voice in your head.
  7. Laugh it out!
    Especially when things don't go the way you wanted, just laugh at how funny life can be. Try to see the humour in your own mistakes or supposed faults and life gets so much better.
  8. Do you!
    That's it. Just be true to yourself. Be authentic in how you speak, how you think and how you act. You are awesome because you exist!