I see so many list titles and think to myself, "dammit, why didn't I think of that one?"
  1. Bottled water brands ranked by flavour quality
  2. Places I always have to use the bathroom
  3. Funny people or happenings I see at the gym
  4. Words I overuse
  5. Inappropriate things I have said in class
    (As the teacher)
  6. Times I have held back from saying, "that's what she said."
  7. Comments I really want to write on students' essays and report cards vs what I actually say
  8. Haircuts/hairstyles I do not appreciate
  9. People I'm fascinated by
  10. How to wreck a perfectly good hair day
  11. Stupid things I have done so that a boy might like me
  12. Accents I am terrible at
  13. Sounds I dislike
  14. Pets I wish lived forever