Thoughts I have while watching the graduate
  1. Omg this music... I'm already bored
  4. NIPPLES! What's with the nipple flashing???
  5. What kind of 20-year-old drinks bourbon?
  6. His parents turned him into a space robot on his birthday??
  7. He called for an affair and got loads of old people.... Niiiiice.
  8. "Are you here for an affair sir? The single man party sir?" That's the only reason I'm watching! Guess I can turn it off now
  9. I'm 21... I should call up a friend's parent and invite them to a hotel and see if this is realistic...
  10. Ms.Robinson's hair is truly amazing
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  11. WAIT. He didn't even get a room? What was your plan?
  12. Worst. First. Kiss. Ever... But now she's undressing so....
  13. A ford!? A ford!! Fuck you bitch, a ford!?!?
  14. Don't worry... She doesn't know we're getting married but I do...
  15. I often meet people at the zoo too...
  16. ELAIN! Damn that's good stuff
  17. NOT THE CRoss!
  18. Most awkward bus ride ever...