1. Danny Devito
    Have you seen its always sunny? I would never need to tell another story ever ever again
  2. Ice-T
    Just imagine that SVU scowl really giving it to you
  3. Green Day
    It's bound to be weird
  4. Steve Harvey
    Stache on stache on stache
  5. Fantasia Barrino
    Like....... She won American Idol
  6. John Travolta
    The man who played Danny from Grease and the Mom in Hairspray has got to have some freaky foreplay
  7. Justin Beiber
    I'd hate fuck the shit outta that wayho
  8. Kim Cattrall
    Does Samantha live up to the hype?
  9. Mario Lopez
    I picture myself holding him as he gently cries afterward
  10. Richard Simmons
    Those moves though
  11. Meryl Streep
    she's gonna be *~ fabulous ~*
  12. Lisa Kudrow
    Phoebe's the friend we all wanted to fuck
  13. 50 Cent
    Only with "Candy Shop" on repeat
  14. Oprah's friend Gale
    You know Gale is Oprah's kinky gal pal
  15. Britney Spears
    The crazies are always the best in the sack