Things I Did Not Intend to do on Vacation but Found Myself Doing

Vacations are a great time to explore and relax and try all of the things you never thought you would. Recently, I found myself in Washington D.C. and the following is a collenction of things I did not forsee myself doing, but did anyways.
  1. Eating Chipotle
    I'm a huge foodie so when I found myself eating from a chain restaurant on vacation I was thoroughly disappointed in myself. Oh well, capitalism wins again.
  2. Watched a Giant Potato in a Parade
    The only way to explain this one is to just accept that this is America. It was seriously a giant potato on a a parade.
  3. Freeze Dried Ice Cream
    For those that are curious, no, it wasn't good.
  4. Talked about the War of 1812 with a New British Friend
    So we met this British professor and he was super cool. Didn't catch his name, but we did talk about the War of 1812!
  5. Napping at a Rest Stop
    It was late, we were tired, a nap was needed.