For the sanity and vanity all the commuters out there~
  1. Good Morning Baltimore, "Hairspray"
    Bonus points if it is morning and you live in Baltimore. Also fun if it's 5:30 PM and you've never been to Baltimore but really need to not fall asleep at the wheel.
  2. Let it Go, "Frozen"
    Cause it's cathartic and stuff.
  3. Maybe, "Annie"
    Singing along with Annie about how she's an orphan who just wants to meet her parents will make your traffic problems feel small. Maybe.
  4. La Vie Boheme, "Rent"
    This song is legit like 10 minutes long, so time will feel like it's going faster? Hopefully?
  5. Greased Lightnin'
    It's about cars and I LOVE A THEME