Inspired by @lisafischer
  1. 1 cat
    Baby Alfie
  2. 2 years out of college
    Almost. Which is insane and surreal.
  3. 3 tattoos
    As of today!
  4. 4 hours of sleep I got last night
    Happy new year y'all
  5. 5 hair colors in the past year
    Bleach blonde, pink, dark blonde, blue, brown
  6. 6 childhood best girlfriends
    My babes
  7. 7 seasons of my favorite TV Show
    Buffy the life changing Vampire Slayer
  8. 8 size
    In shoes and all else p much
  9. 9 years of Taylor Swift fanship
    First time I saw her in concert was when she was opening for brad paisley
  10. 10 times I have talked about Making A Murderer in the last 2 days