Thanks @lenadunham you da real MVP
  1. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease right after I turned 18
    Crohn's is a chronic, autoimmune disease that, among other things, fucks with your GI tract. Fun symptoms include but are not limited to: extreme physical pain, fatigue, joint pain, eye problems, skin rashes, etc etc. It also makes you more susceptible to other infections. And the cherry on top- it's incurable!
  2. Since then, it's been peaks and valleys
    For a long time my health was fine. I did the college thing, got drunk all the time, dated, had a sick reporting internship, and even tried moving to LA for a bit to ~work in tv~
  3. I am currently in a DEEP ASS VALLEY
    In November I was hospitalized and had to abandon the California dreamin to come home and be around friends and fam who can take me to doctors appts and generally be cool humans. I'm currently about a month into a flare that's ruining my ability to do basic human functions like eat and sleep (I'm writing this list at 5:30 in the morning on like 4 hours of sleep. Gotta go to work soon!)
  4. Chronic illness doesn't get talked about all that much
    Or if it does, the person doing the talking is a doctor. Or a 65 year old man. It's super weird to be "young and sick," and it can feel isolating and like you're failing. So when I saw Lena's post about how she was taking some time off due to endo symptoms, a literal FLOOD of empathy rushed through me.
  5. Celebs, they're just like us?
    If this BADASS, hard working woman can run a goddamn tv show while dealing with chronic pain, it makes it seem a bit more manageable for me to make it through my work day today. And I love even more the fact that she can admit when her symptoms are out of control and she needs a break. That is incredibly brave and honest, especially for someone in the public eye who's always fielding criticism anyway.
  6. Sometimes when you're sick people think you're lazy
    Especially with "invisible" illnesses like crohns and endometriosis. You don't have a walker, or a big rash (usually) to let people know you're REALLY sick. It's all happening inside you. So for her to stand up and say "you can't see it, but I am handling A LOT RIGHT NOW" is huge for me.
  7. So thanks, Lena.
    You have made the shut-in life of this chronic illness patient that much more palatable. You give me a lot of hope that I'm not doomed to a boring, pain med filled life. Maybe between pain killer induced sleeps I can write something great, or invent something? Okay I probs won't invent something but YOU GET THE IDEA it's okay to be sick and still have dreamz
  8. Also, if y'all haven't read this, GO DO: