And here is why
  1. She is super stylish, but not in a super try-hard way like I would've been at her age given that kind of access to high quality clothing.
  2. She interned on Girls, which is my favorite choice the child of a president could possibly make.
    I like to imagine we would make great collaborative writing partners while we hung out with her dogs and she regaled me with tales of time spent in Brooklyn
  3. She has been so many cool places and seen so many cool things and yet seems very chill about it all
  4. Once I listened to a podcast where @yassirlester confirmed that she watches reality tv
    Which is one of my main criteria in a best friend
  5. She is a Chicago girl like me
    And wore a sick outfit to Lolla a couple years ago
  6. Her dad talks about her with no small sense of awe.
    Not a general "my daughter is great!" But like he generally believes she is the best thing since sliced bread and if the leader of the free world believes that it's good enough for me
  7. I just think she'd have a really good Twitter
    Also Instagram. And snapchat.