This is my holiday
  1. I have been in love with Jane The Virgin since the very early days of season one, and it never ceases to amaze me
  2. But I just watched this week's episode, and while they briefly mentioned thanksgiving, it was a more Black Friday-centric episode
  3. Jane and her mom and grandma have a tradition of doing Black Friday shopping together
  4. While many think it's the retail holiday from hell, I, like Jane, am from a family of women who bond each morning after thanksgiving with $6 hand mixers and $3 DVDs
    Because honestly it doesn't even really matter what you buy
  5. My first Black Friday with my mom was at age 3
  6. We went to KB Toys to buy my sister a robotic dog
  7. Then we got breakfast
  8. And went home and slept and watched Christmas movies and are leftover turkey sandwiches
  9. And it continues to be one of my favorite holiday traditions of all time
    And even though this year I am in LA and my mom is in Illinois, I will wake up early and go shopping and then FaceTime her and tell her about all the deals I got
  10. Viva la Black Friday 💃🏽