Just finished it and I'm having an extreme book hangover
  1. If you haven't heard of "How To Build a Girl" it's a fun, funny, feministy novel by British columnist Caitlin Moran
  2. It goes into so much important shit
  3. Like how growing up poor can shape so much of who you grow to be and the road you take to get there
  4. And how women often have to make spaces for themselves in industries that don't welcome or want them
  5. And that we don't always get it right. Sometimes we "build ourselves" in self-detrimental ways and have to do some tweaking- and that's okay.
  6. I also love the ways you can get really deep into feminist issues within the scope of fiction and have it not feel preachy in the way thinkpieces so often do
  7. I also love how emotionally honest a young teen narrator can be
  8. Hearing things from the voice of a 14 year old allows for a vulnerability and curiosity we don't often allow from adults
  9. Anyway, no spoilers, but GO BUY THIS DAMN BOOK
  10. That is all.