Why don't I talk about this more
  1. When I was 13 I was at a baseball game with my dad and my then-boyfriend (and current v good best friend)
  2. Suddenly but kind of gradually at the same time, I was seeing two of everything
  3. Because my eyes had crossed!
  4. Out of the blue!
  5. No head injury, no "crossed my eyes and they stuck that way"
  6. I panicked and didn't say anything for several hours, all the while wearing sunglasses and tilting my head a lot
  7. Here is a photo of me on the dark dark day in question (lol at those braces tho)
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  8. Anyway, over the next three months I went to a variety of doctors
  9. No one could figure it out
  10. I was a medical mystery
  11. A very embarrassing medical mystery
  12. I started my first week of high school with crossed eyes
  13. I was sadly beginning to accept my fate
  14. And then one day, I woke up and they weren't crossed anymore!
  15. Moral of the story: doctors sometimes don't know stuff, and 13 is a really bad age to be cross eyed
  16. In retrospect this list could also be called "why I opted to pursue a career in comedy"