Sadly my last Friday night was not as exciting as Katy perry's
  1. I ate a breakfast burrito from trader joe's for dinner
    It was difficult to tell what was egg and what was potato
  2. A guy messaged me on Tinder and asked to get drinks, and I briefly thought about responding
  3. I then ate 10 pizza rolls because one breakfast burrito does not dinner make
  4. I did not respond
  5. I put up two strings of Christmas lights and lit a Christmas candle
  6. I watched 2 and a half episodes of scandal
  7. I didn't finish the third because halfway through I got really curious about which real life presidents had illegitimate children
  8. I spent the rest of the evening reading about Grover Cleveland's illegitimate child on the smithsonian magazine website
  9. Grover Cleveland was garbage, y'all